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Some important tips for camping during the Oktoberfest.

Have a look at this photo: sunshine

and now check this one out: snowshine

Both of these photos show THE TENT during the Oktoberfest.

The top one was taken in 2009. The bottom one is from a time when global warming wasn´t yet so advanced.

As they say, "the exception makes the rule".

We don´t provide any foam mats or blankets for guests camping on the camp site. (We only give out blankets and foam mats to people staying in our heated floor-space and bed tents)

If you intend on pitching your own tent on our site during the Oktoberfest, please note the following:

It can get very cold.

Definitely bring:

  • a warm sleeping-bag
  • a good foam mat (or mattress etc.)
  • warm clothing

THE TENT, good food - good night!
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